It might not seem like a lot of money but there are some small businesses who are struggling and are desperate for help to help them survive.

And a government-backed farm insurance scheme is the answer to their prayers.

Farm Insurance UK is the government-owned scheme that offers farm insurance for all businesses.

In a world where the cost of insurance can be astronomical, farmers are often left without the support they need to run a profitable business.

If you’re one of them, this could be your chance to buy a policy for less than $500 a year.

You’ll get up to $2,000 back, if you’re lucky, which is more than you’ll ever spend on your own farm.

You can also buy a range of other products, including insurance on your equipment, or even buy an insurance policy on your land.

However, you need to be registered with the scheme and have a farm that you can prove you can run.

You also need to prove you’re a farm owner to be eligible to receive the scheme.

There’s also a separate section for people with small businesses, which can provide you with a tax break of up to 50 per cent.

It costs you around £300 per year to be a registered owner of a small business.

There are other benefits, too.

You’re guaranteed to receive a minimum of £1,500 in farm insurance tax relief every year, and you can claim up to £500 back on any farm property.

But if you have a property with a lower value than £1.5m, you’re guaranteed £500 less tax relief.

If your property has value less than £5m you can take a £2,500 tax break, which will go towards paying for your mortgage.

You might think you’re already covered, but you may be surprised by the amount of farm insurance available.

There may be a £50 farm insurance policy that is a bit pricey, but it’ll cover up to a small parcel of land in the county.

It’ll also cover you against the impact of floods, storms, pests, diseases and more.

Farm insurance policy options Here’s a look at the farm insurance options available to you.

If it’s your first time getting a farm insurance plan, there’s a good chance you’re going to have a hard time deciding what you need.

The farm insurance option in the UK is very expensive, but there’s plenty of other options that could provide a better deal.

Here’s what you’ll get in farm insurer policies in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man: Farm Insurance policy in England If you want to buy farm insurance on a land that doesn’t have a large farming industry, then there are a number of different options to consider.

You could buy a separate farm insurance service from the government.

This could cover a property or business, or you could buy your own, which you can then set up your own policies on.

There will be different policies available in different areas, so it’s worth checking what’s available in your area first.

The Farm Insurance service covers a property of up 1,000 hectares or more.

This is called a farm estate.

If this is your first farm insurance claim, it will be up to you to decide what’s best for you.

The cost is usually around £1 per acre, so there’s also the option of buying a separate policy with your own land for £2.50 per acre.

If a property isn’t in your county, you’ll be responsible for paying a different rate.

It’s a lower cost option, but does come with a higher amount of paperwork and the chance of a tax bill.

The service costs around £25 per acre and you’ll need to register your farm with the government before you can get it.

You will also need a farm licence to operate.

You should then be able to claim the tax relief on the property, which could be around £100 a year if you are a small owner.

You don’t need a licence to buy an farm insurance product in England and Wales, so you don’t have to register with the service.

The plan is cheaper than buying an individual policy, but the risk of a flood, disease or pest infestation can still be a concern.

The scheme is available in England in certain parts of the country, but most people should be able with the land and infrastructure they currently own.

In Wales, you can buy a farm insurer policy directly from the Welsh Government, which means you’ll have to get a separate license to operate a business on the land.

This doesn’t cover the whole of Wales, but if you want more certainty over the future, you could choose to purchase a separate insurance policy in Wales from a company called Farm Insurance Wales.

It will be worth noting that if you buy a Farm Insurance Policy from the company, the plan will only cover the entire area of Wales and there won’t be a tax