In a country where car insurance is free, it can be difficult to find a reliable policy.

This is the situation faced by one of India’s most prominent car insurance providers, Alipay, which has been dealing with an increasing number of complaints of fraud and misuse in its insurance portfolio.

In recent months, several complaints of fraudulent activity have been reported from the country’s car insurance market.

One such complaint is from an Indian driver who claimed to have been cheated out of his car insurance payment.

Alipay claims that the claims have been substantiated by several investigations and that the driver has received a $30,000 payout for his fraud.

The company says that it will refund the victim a total of Rs. 2,500 ($50).

Alipai claims that it has been in the process of investigating the claims for several months and is in the midst of a process to refund all the remaining outstanding amounts.

The company says the driver had been issued a new policy in January 2017, and he had purchased his new car in the summer of 2018.

Alypay said in a statement that it is working closely with law enforcement agencies and has launched a fraud investigation.

The case is being handled by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

The CBI is investigating the fraud allegations as it is a case of state-level fraud and criminal breach of trust.

The National Investigation and Prosecution Authority (NIPRA) said in its statement that the agency has launched an investigation into the matter.

“The fraud was perpetrated by a third party who obtained a new insurance policy, obtained it without the required documents and then fraudulently obtained another new insurance for his car from the company.

The fraud involved the driver using his own car for the purchase and payment of the new insurance,” it said.

According to Alipays claims, the new driver, who was not identified, obtained a policy with Alipaya in July 2018, but the policy was cancelled a month later.

In August 2018, he purchased a new vehicle, but it was cancelled as soon as the new policy expired.

The new driver claimed that he was entitled to the new car as he had been the driver of the vehicle for some time.

However, he claimed that the new vehicle was damaged, which he did not have any insurance coverage for.

Alipayer claims that he did obtain a new car insurance policy for the car, but this was cancelled and he was unable to pay the premium.

Alippay said that the company will refund all outstanding amounts for all the claims.

The new driver has been given a $15,000 ($30,500) payment.