The next few years will be a pivotal time in the life of most consumers.

Most people will start to look for a new insurance company, but the choice will be between an insurance broker that is well known, or one that has little or no reputation.

The key will be whether you are looking for the cheapest, best option, or whether you want a service that offers a variety of coverage options for different insurance scenarios.

As the cost of insurance has dropped, insurers have been more willing to offer a variety and quality insurance options.

The new insurance industry is also going to change significantly over the next few decades, and this means more options for consumers.

Here’s a look at the top ten insurers that are currently in business in 2018.1.

PreferredOne (NYSE: PPL)2.

Allstate (NYSE : AAD)3.

UnitedHealthcare (NYSE.UNH)4.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (NYSE.: BLK)5.

Aetna (NYSE .AET)6.

Wellmark (NYSE )7.

Cigna (NYSE:(NYSE.COY)8.

Humana (NYSE.(NYSE:HUM)9.

AIG (NYSE.)10.

All State Insurance (NYSE)1.

Unitedhealthcare 2.

Blue Shield 3.

United 4.

AllState 5.

Humane 6.

BlueCrossBlue 6.

United 7.

CVS 8.

BlueMedica 9.

AET 10.

A&T 11.

BlueMarks 12.

Anthem (NYSE)(NYSE.ANT)1-year average: $2,937 (US)2-year avg: $3,891 (US), 2% annual inflation (US)|3-year Avg: $4,846 (US)(US)3-month avg: -$1,724 (US)*5-year median: $11,971 (US, +1.8%)|5-month median: – $12,824 (U.S., +1%)|10-year Median: $17,974 (US | +2.5%)|20-year mean: $35,716 (US).SOURCE: