Geico homeowners Insurance has its best rates in the US, according to a report from insurer Geico.

The company reported its results in a report to investors and analysts on Thursday.

The Geico Insurance Company, a subsidiary of the insurance giant, said its total policy coverage jumped 23% from December to December of this year.

It has the second-best overall ratio of coverage for residential policyholders, according the report.

The ratio was 17.2% for the same period last year.

The company said the increase in coverage helped its business reach record levels of insured customers.

Geico said it will continue to improve its coverage ratio by focusing on areas where there is an immediate need.

This includes areas where geothermal and other renewable energy sources are in high demand, as well as areas where customers need access to reliable water and electricity.

It said the company is working on an integrated water and power management plan for the US and expects to release it later this year, after it completes its evaluation of the country’s renewable energy landscape.