The job market continues to recover after an 11-month downturn, but millions of Americans still struggle to find jobs.

According to the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. economy added 4.3 million jobs last month, a new high for the month of June.

But the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 6.1 percent, meaning many Americans are still unemployed.

The Labor Department says the jobs recovery has been slow because many people stopped looking for work and because of a lack of job training.

Many Americans still don’t have the skills to work and the unemployment rates are higher because employers don’t offer many jobs with benefits.

The unemployment rate is higher because people aren’t looking for jobs or because they’re out of work.

But there is also some good news for the economy, as more Americans are working than before the recession.

Many people are still receiving unemployment benefits, but they’re receiving less than they did before the Great Recession began.

The labor market recovery is still in its early stages.

Many of the jobs added were in the service industry, which includes retail, food and retail sales.

It’s still not enough for many Americans to make ends meet.

The Labor Department estimates that the jobless rate will increase from 6.3 percent to 7.1 or more percent in the next several months.

The jobless percentage also remains stubbornly high at over 13 percent.

According to the Bureau, many Americans have stopped looking.

Many have given up looking altogether.

And many people are out of the labor force.

But a majority of Americans, 58 percent, are working.

The latest jobs numbers are from the latest edition of the BLS’s Current Employment Statistics report.

The jobs report is available online here.