NFL owners are looking to expand their insurance coverage to cover the costs of an injured player, a league source and the league says.

The announcement comes just a week after the league’s collective bargaining agreement came into effect, which is expected to expand insurance to cover more than 2 million players in 2020.

The agreement is one of the most sweeping changes to the NFL in nearly a decade, including an overhaul of the salary cap, new rules for the concussion protocol and more.

The new insurance policy will be offered to players in two tiers: a single coverage plan and a multi-tier plan.

The multi-level plan will be for the most serious injuries, while the single-level coverage will cover any other injury that would occur during the course of the season.

Players will be able to purchase the single coverage for as much as $1,500 a year.

The plan will cover injuries that occur during any of the following events: a player’s own return to the field, a player being medically cleared to return to play, or when the player is hospitalized with a serious injury.

The multi-layer plan will also cover injuries incurred during any part of a player’s career.

The league says that if a player is injured during a game, they will be covered by the full multi-layered plan for a period of two years.

The policy also covers any medical costs incurred by the player for the duration of the policy.

It will be up to the individual to decide if they want to purchase insurance or not.

The NFL says that the new policy will cover players for any non-surgical injury that occurs during the season, and any other non-medically-related injury that occurred in the course or subsequent days of the regular season or playoffs.

The policy will also pay for any injuries that occurred during any game or period of play.

The first premium will be charged on an initial basis, with the additional premium due on the date of the first injury.

The policy will then increase monthly for each subsequent injury and will then pay for the total cost of the injury.

If the player has a high-level injury and a high level medical bill, the insurance company will also be reimbursed.

If the injury is not life threatening, the player will not have to pay for medical bills.

If a player has an injury that is severe enough to require medical attention, the policy will pay for all medical expenses that are incurred for a year and a half.

If, however, the injury does not require medical care, the NFL says the policy may cover the cost of all costs incurred in the event of a “significant setback” in the player’s recovery.