The cheapest auto insurance in the country is a $3.6 million Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG that costs a whopping $3,069 per month, according to the car insurance website,

That’s the cheapest auto policy in the nation according to a study by the insurance website, which compared the cheapest policies from three of the biggest insurers.

Pronto says its cheapest car policy offers coverage for “substantially all vehicle styles, sizes, and specifications,” which is why it is the only insurance company to offer coverage for a Mercedes-AMG, according.

“For example, the lowest-priced insurance policy on the site is a Mercedes, which covers all models of Mercedes-Benzes, from the compact to the premium,” according to Pronto.

Pronto also lists the average costs of a Mercedes for drivers, passengers, and occupants, which is a good indication of what type of car is being covered.

“The Mercedes is the most expensive vehicle to insure, with a premium of $14,738 per year, according the average car insurance quote,” Pronto wrote in a press release.

Pratt AutoInsurance, the biggest insurer, lists a Mercedes SLS in its cheapest auto coverage.

“We recommend you look at the average premiums offered by other companies,” the company said in a statement.

“This allows you to compare policies to see if you have a better overall value.”

Pronto also offers coverage on a BMW i3 and BMW M5, which are both very popular for their performance, according, according with Pronto’s own data.

The cheapest BMW i7 coverage is for $739 per year.

Prantic, the company that has the best coverage on the whole website, also offers car insurance for a Ford Fusion, Ford Fusion SE, Chevrolet Impala, and Lexus RX 350.

“Prantic has the cheapest Mercedes-branded car insurance in America, with the lowest premiums of any auto insurance provider,” Prantic said in the statement.

Prone to a low cost?

Pronto’s premium calculator shows a Mercedes with a $13,824 premium per year for a single driver, according its website.

That is about $6,800 less than the cheapest coverage offered by the company.

Pronters website does not include car insurance rates for the cheapest premium car, the Cadillac Escalade.

That price, however, is $19,999 per year if you want a fully-automated, driver-less, self-driving car.

It costs $35,000 to insure a fully autonomous car, according Pronto, according that website.

Prato’s average rates, however is the same as the average premium insurance policy, which puts the cheapest price of auto insurance at $749 per year per driver, $4,100 less than Pronto claims.

Pronto did not return calls seeking comment.

Prismo’s coverage does not guarantee a vehicle’s coverage for accidents.

According to the company, there is no way to insure against a crash.

“If you are injured or have a medical emergency, your insurer must make a claim for medical care, and the claims must be processed in the same manner as other claims,” the site says.

Pristo also offers protection against theft from a Mercedes and the Honda Civic, which both cost about $10,000 a year to insure.

The average rate for the two is $4.9 million, according of the Pronto website.

The cheapest car coverage in the U.S.

Pratton offers a $9,500 coverage plan for a BMW M6.

It is a little cheaper than the $15,000 average rate offered by Pronto for the Mercedes-A-Class and the Ford Fusion.

Prismo also offers $9.1 million for the Honda Accord, which Pronto says is the best auto insurance for the 2017 model year.

“When it comes to affordable car insurance options, Pronto is the leader in auto insurance,” Pratt said in its press release, adding that Pronto offers a higher-quality insurance than Pronto and does not charge higher premiums.