Why Kentucky’s Unemployment Insurance is so bad

In Kentucky, unemployment insurance premiums have risen from $8.50 per month in March to $13.50 in November.According to the Kentucky Insurance Department, that is a 33 percent increase in the past year.In a statement, the agency said, “Since October, the unemployment insurance rate in Kentucky has risen from 9.4 percent to 10.4.The increase is not […]

Why do people pay for car insurance quote by car?

Car insurance quotes can be a pain in the ass.Here’s how to save money on car insurance while still having fun driving.article When we first heard about the $150-an-hour auto insurance quote for a new car, we thought that was insane. It was $150 an hour to insure your new car? But that’s not how it works.This […]

How to avoid being scammed by auto insurance companies

The word scam is used in the title of a recent article in the New York Times.It says “scam insurance” and the word insurance is also used.So how do these words get mixed up?Here’s a rundown of the terms auto insurance, auto insurance company and auto insurance are used.Auto insurance is a term used to […]

This is how insurance companies can use your personal information to target you for auto insurance

You may not think you have to worry about getting a new car if you have insurance, but this can change when it comes to auto insurance policies.This article is about how auto insurance companies use your information to try and target you to buy auto insurance plans.1.What is auto insurance?2.How is auto theft protected?3.How […]

Farmers face ‘significant’ health cost increases in ACA exchange

A group of farmers has warned that the government’s health insurance exchange will cost them “significant” amounts of money over the next two years.The Rural Affairs Minister, Brian Cowen, told The Irish News last month that farmers could face a premium of between €10,000 and €15,000 per annum on the insurance marketplaces in the United […]

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