How dog insurance compares to universal life insurance

Insurance companies say the cost of universal life and dog insurance are about the same.The differences are significant, they say.Insurance companies in Ontario and Quebec are also considering making changes to their insurance plans, but they are not expected to affect coverage or premiums.A spokesperson for the BCG, which represents Ontario insurers, said the differences […]

When auto insurance companies are bad at what they do

The auto insurance industry has long been plagued by bad business practices and poor customer service.In fact, there’s a reason insurers have been slow to upgrade their networks: They’re struggling to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the ever growing driver population.But with the new wave of driverless cars and self-driving cars taking the […]

What you need to know about mortgage insurance coverage for dogs

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What’s the best policy for a new owner of a house?

Insurers are selling different kinds of insurance to help new owners navigate the insurance landscape.Some offer a simple policy with few deductible and co-payments, others offer more comprehensive coverage and some offer more generous rates.Here’s a look at which policy options are most suitable for your needs.Insurers are offering a number of different types of […]

Why you need to know what you need when buying car insurance

You’ve got an insurance company, and you’re getting ready to buy a new car.But you don’t have the funds to get it all done, and it’s all on the spot.You’re worried about getting paid or getting an auto loan that doesn’t work out.You know your car needs to be covered by your insurance company.You want […]

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