Safeway® Insurance is a trusted brand with over 15 years of insurance experience, and the best coverage available for home and commercial, and auto.

Our policies cover the most common home and vehicle safety risks, such as: electrical shock, fire, gas leaks, vandalism, theft, and other serious accidents.

We offer coverage for our award-winning, award-wining, and best-selling brands.

With the right policies and coverage, you’ll be protected from serious mishaps and theft that are a direct threat to your home or business.

Safeway is a registered trademark of Safeway Corporation.

Read more about Safe & Security Safeway’s insurance coverage is designed to protect your personal and business safety.

All coverage covers a wide range of risks and expenses, including: theft, burglary, vandalism and home damage.

Safeways comprehensive insurance package includes: comprehensive coverage of theft and burglary; property damage and personal injury; home and business security; fire and explosion protection; and liability for medical and personal injuries.

The Safeway Home and Business Insurance package is offered through our direct-to-consumer and online insurance program.

Find out more about our insurance coverage.

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