The state’s auto insurance laws are set to undergo a major overhaul that could save tens of millions of dollars in costs for millions of Americans.

The Senate approved the bill on Wednesday, but Gov.

Larry Hogan has yet to sign it into law.

It would allow insurers to charge an additional 3 percent to 5 percent for auto insurance.

The law, sponsored by Assemblyman Dave Reichert, D-Wash., would allow drivers to pick their own auto insurance rate and cover them at no extra cost.

The new bill would allow consumers to choose an auto insurance provider that doesn’t have to pay a fee to the state, which would save more than $1 billion.

The governor also approved a bill that would allow people to purchase auto insurance through the federal government.

That bill would cost taxpayers $4 billion and will not become law, Hogan said.

It’s expected to become law later this month.

Hogan has been criticized for his reluctance to approve the legislation, which critics say will help millions more people get affordable auto insurance and avoid the burden of state-subsidized insurance.

Hover says the legislation will help save money for the state’s taxpayers.