When your pet becomes sick, there’s a risk of your insurance company rejecting your claim.

That’s especially true if you get sick from the same source as your pet, like a disease or an injury.

The only way to insure against that is to get an individual pet policy.

But, in the absence of an individual policy, there are a few things you can do to get coverage.

The first is to make sure you have insurance from the company that covers your pet.

That means, for example, if you have a private policy, you should have coverage from the big four companies — Allstate, Nationwide, Progressive and Humana — but not from the smaller three.

If you’re a policyholder for a private business, you can get coverage from a combination of the small four and the large four, which is what is offered by Anthem.

But you’ll need to get a policy that covers a pet that is a member of your family.

And it can get complicated.

Anthem does not offer coverage for pets under your immediate family members, and some of the best coverage for pet owners is the company’s pet policy that it sells through PetSmart.

To find a pet policy for your family, contact Anthem’s pet insurance section.

In addition to that, if your pet is a pet you own and lives in the home you own, you might want to consider buying pet insurance through Petsmart or Petland.

These companies do not offer pet coverage, but they offer coverage to people who buy and maintain pets for people in the same household.

For example, a Petland pet policy includes coverage for a dog or cat, and the company also offers pet insurance for cats and dogs.