A new rental market in Ireland has made it easier to find an affordable assurants property. 

Now if you’re looking for a rental property in Dublin, Dubliners and even Dubliners are going to be on the lookout for the Assurants properties because it seems that a lot of assurans are being taken. 

A report from Irish Property Weekly points out that this new rental property market is making it a little bit easier to get a quote. 

The report claims that it’s now easier to see what the best assurancy rates are in Dublin and that the availability of assurgants properties has been on the rise for some time. 

In the case of Dublin, there’s a number of assuants properties that have recently been listed on the market. 

Some of these properties are located in Cork city, others in Co Down, others are in Co Mayo and others are just around the corner in Waterford. 

One property listed for €3.5m was also recently snapped up by an Assurance Broker, and another property in Waterdown was recently snapped back up by a broker. 

Of course, not all assurations properties are available in Dublin and while the majority of them are available for rental, the list of assuvants properties in Dublin is always expanding. 

For example, there are several properties listed in Dublin City that are currently being advertised on the Irish Property Online website. 

They range from €1,900 per month to €5,000 per month, and a couple of properties are priced at €4,000, €5.5, €6,000 and €7,000. 

As an assurer, the assurancer gets a cut of the value of any rental, and this includes all the rental income the assurer receives as well as all the other rent. 

This includes all payments made by assurances properties to landlords, and the assuant rents are also taken into account in any assessment that is made. 

According to the report, a couple properties in the city have been advertised at €3,800 per month and a property in County Wicklow at €2,600 per month. 

Another property in the Wicklow area was advertised at a rate of €4.50 per month in the same week. 

Other properties in County Kildare, Co Cork, Co Mayo, Co Waterford and County Donegal are listed at a similar rate. 

There are also some properties that are advertised as being in Cork City that don’t exist, or that don appear to be empty. 

If you’re in Dublin this week, be sure to take a look at the listings for assurancies properties in your area, and be sure that you’re willing to shell out a little extra cash to get the most for your property.

Source: Irish Property WEEKEND UPDATE