Farmers insurance covers farm-related accidents, farm fires, pest damage and other disasters, but many of these insurance policies are not as comprehensive as the ones for domestic and commercial property.

That means that you may find it difficult to choose the right policy if you live in a rural area.

To get the most out of your insurance, here are some things to consider:Where are you located?

What is your policy’s coverage range?

What are the exclusions?

Are there any exclusions for people with pre-existing conditions?

Are the policies available nationwide?

How much do you pay per year?

Is there any cost sharing?

How do you access it?

If you live near an airport, you may have a choice of either a national or state farm insurance policy.

However, the national insurance policy has the benefit of being more comprehensive than state insurance policies.

There are many different types of farm insurance policies available.

Some, such as the Farm Insurance Plan, provide comprehensive coverage for farm-owned property and equipment, while others, such the Farmers Insurance Policy, provide coverage for crop and livestock farming and cover certain agricultural pests.

Find out more about insurance coverage and farm policies.

How to get a farm insurance quoteWhat are you looking for?

To find out more, we’ve created a handy tool which will help you get a good farm insurance quotation for your needs.

Use the following form to submit your farm insurance enquiry:We’ve also included a handy map so you can find out which state you live within, so you’re able to narrow your search.