CAIR-California has filed a lawsuit against the state of California, alleging that the state and its officials are violating the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act by not allowing Muslim Americans to use California’s state-sponsored healthcare system for religious reasons.

In a motion filed Tuesday in federal court in Los Angeles, CAIR alleges that California officials have failed to protect Muslim Californians from discrimination in healthcare services because the state is a religious majority.

CAIR is a U.S.-based Muslim advocacy organization.

The group also claims that California’s insurance companies are discriminating against Muslim Californias citizens because they are more likely to use healthcare services for religious and health reasons.

The complaint cites a 2015 Kaiser Family Foundation survey of 6,500 California residents that found that 59% of Muslims have health insurance, and 67% of those who did have health coverage reported they used it to obtain medical care.

But CAIR says that Kaiser Family found that Muslim Californian adults with no health insurance use healthcare systems for other reasons, such as to pay for medication or to care for their loved ones.CAIR is also seeking a court order requiring all health insurance companies to allow Muslim California citizens to purchase health insurance.

CAIS is the state’s insurance commission.

California officials have not responded to the complaint.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the California Department of Insurance and the California Health Insurance Commission said they are “reviewing the complaint.”

California’s insurance commissioner, Mark Burris, said he has heard of the lawsuit but did not know the filing.

He added that CAIR’s request for injunctive relief is “not the right thing to do,” and he is “looking into it.”

CAIR, a liberal advocacy group based in Chicago, is known for its advocacy against anti-Muslim policies in the United States.