Allstate, the US insurance company, is going after the nj residents of New Jersey by offering them affordable health insurance.

In an interview with NDTV, Allstate CEO, Gary R. Schulte, explained how the company plans to use its insurance database to target the njs residents of the state, and how the insurance company is looking to expand its reach to other parts of the country.

Allstate has a database that is used to identify potential new consumers, which is then matched with the information that is available from allstate’s database of renters.

The database has been downloaded over the last three months, and it’s a huge part of the company’s marketing, Schulteche said.

It has a huge impact on the insurance market.

It has over a million records, and if we can get that data in the hands of a few people, that will allow us to do something that’s really important for the industry: to make sure that we have the right level of affordability.

That means we can give people a lot of options, he said.

It’s also an important part of our strategy for our new insurance portfolio.

Allstate is looking at how we can better match those people to the right insurance plans that are right for them.

We know that there are different markets out there.

All those different insurance plans are designed to suit a different demographic.

We’re trying to make the best insurance plan for people who are on that spectrum.

We can’t make the right decision for everybody.

We want to be able to offer the best plans that we can in those markets, but it will be targeted to the people who have the greatest needs.

The database that Allstate uses is already available for users in New Jersey, Schulte said.

He said the company is in discussions with the state about extending its database to other states.

All of this is in response to New Jersey’s state legislature recently passing a law mandating that all renters must have health insurance coverage by 2023.

The state’s law allows landlords to use the database to identify people who might not be able afford insurance.

This law has been a boon for the insurance industry, but the industry has faced backlash in the njc, and other states have since passed similar laws.

The nj’s law is a significant win for landlords, and will likely bring about some changes in how landlords are able to determine whether or not to offer renters health insurance, said Tom Withers, a senior vice president at the American Insurance Association.

In addition to the data from Allstate’s insurance database, landlords will be able look at other information such as income, housing and other factors that may be related to affordability.

The law does not require landlords to provide coverage for any of their tenants.

A new state law, which was signed by Governor Chris Christie in April, allows landlords and homeowners to use insurance data to make decisions about whether to offer insurance.

However, the law only applies to renters.

All new landlords are required to have insurance, and they must pay for it.

It also requires them to offer coverage in their building, whether in the form of a homeowner’s insurance policy or a rental insurance policy.