If you’re one of the millions of Australians who paid a premium to Progressive Insurance to get a car, you might not have to worry about paying back your premium.


“It’s been a nightmare.

There are lots of people who are paying more for a car than they did before the new regime was introduced, and the number of premium claims has gone up,” said Scott Fagan, the CEO of Progressive Insurance.”

We have to get rid of this system because the only way it’s going to change is if people start paying.”

The Government’s car-sharing scheme, launched on September 14, was designed to reduce the cost of car ownership and reduce the number people were buying their own cars.

The scheme, which costs about $7,500 a year to sign up, provides an incentive to drive a car for 30 minutes a week, even if they do not own a car themselves.

“There’s a lot of people that have paid a lot for a vehicle,” Mr Fagan said.

“But there are many people that haven’t paid anything, and that’s what we want to do.”

Mr Fagan says the scheme has saved the company about $2.5 million.

“It’s a good thing, we’ve saved money on this scheme.

But we’re not getting back a lot,” he said.

“If people are paying a lot more than they were before, they’re not going to be able to use the subsidy.”

If you’re paying a fair amount, you don’t have to pay any subsidy.

If you’ve paid less than what you should, you can still use the discount.

“Mr Kowalewski says many people were disappointed when they got their first car, and he understands why.”

I think a lot people feel like they’re getting ripped off, they don’t know what they’re paying,” he told News.co.au.”

The best thing for them to do is to just get a new car, but if they’re on a budget, they can go ahead and get a used car.

“Mr Walshe says he’s received hundreds of emails from people who want to try the scheme.”

They feel like it’s unfair to give people a discount on their car because they’re having to wait longer to buy their own car,” he explained.”

When you buy a car you’re buying a car that you don�t own.

“And I know that when people are looking at this scheme, they’ll think about their car and they’ll say ‘oh, I’m just looking to save a few bucks’.”

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