Aetna Health is planning to sell its UK health insurance to a new firm, after it had to withdraw its health insurance from the US due to the health care law’s regulations.

The company has been one of the biggest insurers in the US under the Affordable Care Act, which expanded Medicaid and made insurance companies more accountable to consumers.

But it had faced pressure from Republicans to sell to the private sector, after the law was enacted.

“Aetna is proud to be the nation’s largest insurer and we are pleased to continue serving our customers in the United States,” Aetanne Aetner, a spokeswoman for Aetana, said in a statement.

The deal was announced on Tuesday, just as US President Donald Trump was on a two-day visit to Australia, where he had a summit with leaders of the Australian and New Zealand governments.US healthcare reforms: What’s next?

Read moreThe health insurer is a division of UnitedHealth Group, which is also a member of the US insurance giant Aetnam.

Aetnanne said it was exploring a number of options for the deal, including selling its US subsidiary to another US company, although it would not discuss the potential deal publicly.

“We are evaluating several options for Aereo, and are looking at the potential benefits to Aetlanne’s business and the broader healthcare ecosystem,” she said.

“At the same time, Aetanna will continue to serve the Aetanes customers in all 50 states.”

The US insurance industry is grappling with the impact of the healthcare overhaul that will allow insurers to offer cheaper, barebones plans to millions of Americans.

Under the Affordable Healthcare Act, companies like Aetnas health insurance have to offer the same basic coverage to all of their enrollees, even if the enrollees are underinsured or sick.

“It’s going to mean lower premiums for everybody,” Anella said.

However, Aneana said it expected its customers to be able to choose plans that are more affordable and offer better value.

“The US market is so big, and so diverse, that people can choose the plan that works best for them, regardless of what their income is,” Aheil, Aetheil’s CEO, said.

Aetana has not yet released a financial impact analysis of the deal.

A new plan for A&TThe Aetanius insurance group, which operates the health insurance giant Blue Cross Blue Shield, had not announced any plans for the sale.

Aetheil said it hoped to have a final deal in place by the end of the year.

“We believe we can work together to find a solution that works for our customers and our shareholders,” she told the Australian Financial Review.