A Florida woman who lost her job after filing a lawsuit against her employer is finally receiving her wages, after a judge granted the plaintiff’s request to freeze her pay.

A Florida jury awarded Jennifer Estrada $25,000 in damages after she sued her employer, the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), for not paying her for work done on her behalf in 2016.

According to her attorney, Jennifer EStrada was working as a secretary for the National Bank of Florida when she received an email from her employer stating that the firm’s workers compensation policy “does not cover claims against the employee for wages owed to the bank.”

Estrada filed her lawsuit after she lost her first-ever job, at a gas station in Florida, in 2015.

She says she worked at the gas station for two months and then had to return to work for another company.

The company later fired her for violating company policy.

Estrader sued her former employer, NFABI, in Florida’s Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal in 2016, alleging that she was fired without cause for not being paid for all of her hours worked in a given year.

In February, NFUBI agreed to pay $250,000 to settle the lawsuit.

However, Estrader’s attorney, David Gant, said he is not happy with the settlement, which does not include an explanation of how NFUIB made the policy so that it did not cover the amount of time worked by Estradas.

Gant said that he hopes the settlement will help Estraders family to move on with their lives.

“We are hopeful this settlement will put a stop to this unnecessary litigation,” he said.

“Hopefully, the NFUBC will now begin paying for Ms. Estradas loss of her first job.”