The Senate is poised to pass a bill that would let gun manufacturers off the hook for liability and other health and safety problems caused by their products.

The bill, which the Senate Judiciary Committee has been working on, would allow the government to issue waivers to manufacturers who make products that pose a safety risk.

It also would prevent gun makers from using their products to commit fraud or other crimes.

“The goal is to put the gun industry back on its feet,” said Senator Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat.

“I hope this will not only save the industry from bankruptcy, but it will help us put the health and human costs of gun violence behind us.”

It would require gun manufacturers to submit a comprehensive safety assessment of their products before they could sell them to the public.

The review would also examine the health risks posed by their product.

“We can’t afford to be negligent in this industry,” said Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahys, D-Vt.

“We need to put our safety and our security ahead of the gun lobby.”

The bill has been quietly working its way through Congress for weeks.

Its chances of passage would depend on whether Republicans continue to back the NRA’s opposition to the bill.

The NRA says the bill will increase gun violence and kill millions of lives.

“I have a great respect for the NRA, but I am afraid this bill will only further erode their reputation and credibility,” Leahy said.

The legislation has been criticized by gun makers and other gun rights advocates who say the bill would undermine the Second Amendment.