Why the Trump Administration will keep insurance subsidies in place

President Donald Trump is considering a range of changes to the Affordable Care Act that will help stabilize the marketplaces, including capping the amount insurers can charge and limiting subsidies to the most expensive plans.But the president is also considering scrapping the subsidies that were designed to encourage people to keep their coverage as the […]

Which is the best life insurance?

If you are thinking about buying or getting a small business life insurance policy, we have compiled a list of the best policies on the market.There are some excellent life insurance policies out there that are just right for your budget, but we have also put together some of the better small business policies to […]

Which states will be able to get auto insurance from the state of Alaska

According to the latest data, more than 60 percent of the states have auto insurance, making Alaska the best choice for those looking to purchase a policy.According to insurance experts, there are a few reasons for this.Alaska is one of the most diverse states in terms of population, with people from all over the world […]

Canada to cut $7B in subsidies to insurers over next two years

Canada is set to cut billions of dollars in subsidies for insurers over the next two decades, a move that could dent the health care industry’s bottom line.The government announced Tuesday that it would stop subsidizing the cost of health insurance in 2017, starting in 2019.“It’s a very, very difficult decision,” Health Minister Jane Philpott […]

U.S. company plans to launch insurance for seniors with COVID-19 coverage

The U.N. Children’s Fund is to launch a U.A.E. insurance program for older adults with COVI-19, officials said on Friday.The U.NSF said the plan would cover people between the ages of 65 and 80 with COVA-19 and those between the years of 65 to 80 with other chronic illnesses such as diabetes.The organization said it […]

When you buy insurance, you pay more than you’d think: Study

Geico Insurance, the life insurance company that’s famous for its slogan “Get Geico for Life,” has finally started offering insurance coverage that will pay for most of your medical expenses after your death.Geico Insurance started offering the policy at the end of September, and it’s now available for $2,500 per person, which is more than […]

Alberta dairy farmers to pay more for insurance coverage

The Alberta Dairy Farmers’ Association has asked the provincial government to extend its subsidy for dairy insurance to all dairy farmers, including those who have not yet received a subsidy.The group wants the insurance benefit to extend to all farmers across the province.In a letter to Agriculture Minister Don MacKay, the association said Alberta is […]

When does insurance coverage stop?

The idea that insurance companies are now able to charge people higher rates for health coverage because they are insured by taxpayers is false, says the nation’s leading insurer, American Insurers.Insurance companies now have a legal duty to act in the best interest of consumers, not to make profits, says American Insurances CEO and president […]

How to save $600 on pet insurance at Costco

How do you save $60 on your pet insurance when you buy a pet insurance policy at Costco?It depends on how much you buy and how much coverage you need.If you want to know how much insurance you need, check out our article on Pet Insurance at Costco.Read moreRead moreIf you need to buy a […]

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