How to get the most from your health insurance quote

I’m an insurance agent and a writer for Ars Technic.I started writing in 2009, after working for a software company for nearly four years, and I’ve worked for several media companies and startups.I’ve been covering health insurance since 2010.If you’re in the market for a health insurance policy, I’d love to talk to you about […]

How to save $100,000 per year by getting a home insurance policy

How much is your home worth?Do you know the price of your house?If you are in Florida, the answer is probably not $100 million.However, there are some things you can do to get a good deal.Homeowners insurance covers most of your homeowners policyholder’s mortgage and is usually covered by the Federal Government.You pay a deductible, […]

How to find the right farmers insurance agent in Alberta

Farmers Insurance Agent (FIA) agents in Alberta have been targeted by the provincial government’s new online insurance marketplace, which has been accused of stifling competition and causing insurers to pull out of the market.“The new marketplaces have been criticized for being more expensive and less competitive than the existing marketplaces,” said Jason McLean, an agent […]

When will commercial insurers start offering insurance for commercial properties?

By: Chris Mooney, The Globe and Mail Staff WriterAllstate will offer commercial insurance to commercial property owners in 2019.It is a key move that will provide certainty to owners of commercial properties as they prepare to leave their homes to start commercial operations, said Paul Osterholm, vice president of insurance operations.Allstate’s decision came as the […]

How to Get Insurance for Your Life: Insurance, Acceptance Insurance, and the Bigger Picture

I know what you’re thinking.Is it really that simple?You’re probably thinking that you’re already covered by one of these insurance companies, which you are!But wait, it gets even more complicated.Before you even get to the details, here are a few things you should know about insurance and acceptance insurance:What is insurance?The term insurance refers to […]

When your pet insurance limit is higher than the limit for your home insurance

When you want to insure your pet, you need to keep in mind the amount of coverage that will cover your pet’s life, medical expenses and loss.According to a report from the American Veterinary Medical Association, if your pet dies within five years of being adopted, the limit will be much higher than for a […]

‘This is a disaster’: New York City braces for disaster coverage amid ObamaCare fallout

NEW YORK — New York City is bracing for coverage losses of up to $4 billion under President Donald Trump’s signature healthcare law after it became clear the state would not be able to pay for the law’s subsidies, a top insurer said Thursday.The announcement by Progressive Insurance Corp., which is part of the nation’s […]

How to open your own food farm

Agriculture has long been a source of social and economic development, but the way that people and companies do business in the globalised world of today has changed.Here are the most important lessons from recent history and where they may apply to our future.1.The farm-to-fork model will not work forever If we continue to grow, […]

Which health insurance companies are the best?

Health insurance companies offer health insurance coverage to tens of millions of Americans.But according to a new report from The Sport Book, the top five health insurance carriers in America are… …The American Health Care Association.In 2016, the American Health Association (AHA) made a $1.5 trillion financial commitment to improve access to health insurance.It made […]

What’s the best policy for a new owner of a house?

Insurers are selling different kinds of insurance to help new owners navigate the insurance landscape.Some offer a simple policy with few deductible and co-payments, others offer more comprehensive coverage and some offer more generous rates.Here’s a look at which policy options are most suitable for your needs.Insurers are offering a number of different types of […]

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