How to get an unlimited health plan for less than $100 a month

The latest health insurance plans are not cheap.A recent study found that people who were not enrolled in the ACA health insurance exchanges were paying an average of $17,600 a year in premiums.If you are looking for a cheap option, however, you can get a new health insurance plan through an exchange.This is one of […]

How to get a job without unemployment benefits

What if you were unemployed for two years?You’ve got two choices: you can take out a loan or you can apply for unemployment benefits.But you don’t have to pay a cent.That’s the idea behind the ‘Work For Free’ scheme, which launched in the UK in August and has since expanded to several other countries.It was […]

When will it be cheaper to insure yourself?

fiesta insurers have started offering a new insurance policy for the upcoming Fiesta season.They have introduced the “fiesta insurance” policy which is an online policy for a limited number of Fiesta owners.This means that Fiesta owners can choose to have the coverage at the same price as for other cars on the road.The cost of […]

How to get an Anthem motorcycle insurance policy

When you’re looking to buy a motorcycle insurance product, it’s important to know what you’re getting into.In this article, we’ll go over how to get a premium premium-driven premium-based motorcycle insurance plan from Anthem, the leading premium-only motorcycle insurance provider.

Why do people pay for car insurance quote by car?

Car insurance quotes can be a pain in the ass.Here’s how to save money on car insurance while still having fun driving.article When we first heard about the $150-an-hour auto insurance quote for a new car, we thought that was insane. It was $150 an hour to insure your new car? But that’s not how it works.This […]

How to avoid being scammed by auto insurance companies

The word scam is used in the title of a recent article in the New York Times.It says “scam insurance” and the word insurance is also used.So how do these words get mixed up?Here’s a rundown of the terms auto insurance, auto insurance company and auto insurance are used.Auto insurance is a term used to […]

How to get the best coverage for your next trip

How do you buy the most bang for your buck when you travel?We’ve put together this guide to help.It covers everything from insurance to the best accommodation and the cheapest flights. Read more

Who is your favourite comedian? Here’s who you should be rooting for

The people who have dominated comedy over the past 50 years are now being challenged by the likes of Stephen Colbert, Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Fry.But who is your favorite comic to watch?Here are some of the best of the past five years.1.Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2011 2.Stephen Colbert in 2015 3.Adam Carolles […]

How to buy dental insurance at a lower cost

A new trend is to take out your dental insurance policy before you have to visit your dentist.You can also get it through your job and even get it directly from your insurer, which is a huge savings for you and your family.Here are some tips to get started with dental insurance.1.Ask about the deductible […]

Why you should be sure you’re covered if you’re hit by a car, car accident or motorcycle

I recently went to a motorcycle ride in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and saw the most impressive motorcycle I had ever seen.The motorbike is an electric motorcycle with a lithium-ion battery that powers the engine and the bike.I am a big fan of electric bikes and motorcycles, and this one impressed me even more.It […]

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