Obamacare’s new ‘premium’ plan: $300/month for single coverage

A new Obamacare premium plan offers a lower deductible and co-pays for consumers who buy their insurance on the Obamacare exchanges.The plan, called American Modern Insurance, has been released by the insurance giant.The company is offering a plan for the cost of an average-priced policy that is more than three times what it was originally […]

Liberty Insurance Plans – 2018 list

Liberty Insurance plans are a popular insurance policy that is offered by various insurers across the US.Liberty Insurance offers a wide variety of plans, which can be purchased through the insurance exchange.The insurance plan can be obtained through the internet or from a broker or other company.LibertyInsurance.com, the company that provides LibertyInsure.com is offering a […]

Safe & Secure Safeway Insurance

Safeway® Insurance is a trusted brand with over 15 years of insurance experience, and the best coverage available for home and commercial, and auto.Our policies cover the most common home and vehicle safety risks, such as: electrical shock, fire, gas leaks, vandalism, theft, and other serious accidents.We offer coverage for our award-winning, award-wining, and best-selling […]

Farmers face ‘significant’ health cost increases in ACA exchange

A group of farmers has warned that the government’s health insurance exchange will cost them “significant” amounts of money over the next two years.The Rural Affairs Minister, Brian Cowen, told The Irish News last month that farmers could face a premium of between €10,000 and €15,000 per annum on the insurance marketplaces in the United […]

How to get a free car insurance quote from your local CNA

CNA is a service that lets people buy insurance for cars, trucks and vans from an insurance broker through a smartphone app.CNA charges $99 per year, but its user base is small and the price is only a fraction of what other companies charge. Its user base, however, is growing fast and now it is expanding […]

Why does a company offer $200 life insurance? Here’s what you need to know

When you buy a life insurance policy, it’s likely that you’re looking at a company that offers a broad range of life insurance policies.These include life insurance that pays for medical expenses, health care, and other related expenses.In general, the higher the premium, the more money a company pays for life insurance coverage.A policy that […]

How to pay for car insurance in the US

As you might expect, insurance rates are higher in the states with the highest rates, according to a report by the Insurance Information Institute.The institute’s data shows that auto insurance rates in the six states that account for nearly half of the nation’s insurance premiums, as well as those in nine other states, are the […]

How Israel will protect itself against US sanctions

By David HerrmannPublished 07:47 EST, May 25, 2020 13:47In recent weeks, the US has accused Israel of violating a series of UN resolutions by building settlements on occupied Palestinian land.The Israeli government has dismissed the allegations as baseless and claims that it is not responsible for the building.In the latest developments, the Israeli government announced […]

The Best Life Insurance Companies in Germany

A German insurance company that’s best known for selling life insurance policies for allstate renters is also a life insurance company for car insurance companies.Allstate is owned by Allstate Financial Group, a unit of the investment bank Fidelity International.The company, which has a presence in every state except for the federal capital, is owned and […]

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