Which states cover more auto insurance?

Auto insurance companies have increasingly been shifting coverage to higher-income drivers in order to attract consumers, as the cost of insuring a driver has increased significantly, according to a new study from a nonpartisan group of researchers.The researchers, who are from the nonpartisan National Insurance Crime Bureau, looked at data from more than 200 states […]

How much can your car insurance premium go up?

Geico is one of the biggest insurance companies in the U.S., with a global footprint and a strong presence in most major cities.But the company’s coverage of cars has gotten more expensive over the past few years, particularly as it seeks to protect consumers against a looming crash.The national average premium on car insurance is […]

How to avoid $100,000 medical bills with a little practice

Millions of Americans may soon be forced to choose between paying their medical bills or risking losing their job.The House passed legislation Friday that would force insurers to cover more people with pre-existing conditions and require insurers to give people discounts if they have health problems that prevent them from getting coverage.Republicans are hoping the […]

A review of health insurance plans in California

The California Department of Insurance (CaliDoe) said it would stop selling health insurance coverage for people under the age of 65.“We’re going to be selling the coverage that people are entitled to under their own state law,” a spokeswoman told the ABC.CaliDooe spokeswoman Amy Schmid said: “We’ll continue to be offering coverage to people under […]

How the state of Mississippi will get around a state law banning insurers from discriminating against people with preexisting conditions

Insurance providers across the country are fighting to get around an Obamacare-imposed ban on discrimination based on preexistent conditions.That includes Missouri, where insurance companies are being asked to offer policies with coverage for the COVID-19 virus, but those policies are not being allowed to cover the treatments of those people.This is happening in Kansas, where […]

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